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oConnectivity comes with these theme-able outputs of HTML, SVG, RSS, & JSON.

Add these PHP snippets to your theme templates to add oConnectivity displays to your site.

Category ViewersSitemaps

  • NestingsPamphlet

    <?php if($page&&arg(0)=='node'&&isset($node)){
        echo('<div id="pamphlet_full">');
        echo('</div><!--./ #pamphlet_full-->');
    } ?>
  • SetlistJust a different css/js than Nestings

    <?php echo(theme('context_layer',array(
  • CloudInline Weighted Categories

    <?php echo(theme('cloud',array(
    ); ?>
  • Flat

    To obtain a straight list of contexts with 3 children shown for each you may use the item viewer

    <?php echo(theme('items',array(
    ))); ?>
  • Tree of Life

    <?php echo(theme('tree_of_life',array(
    ))); ?>
  • WebbingForce-Directed JIT graph

  • SunburstSunburst JIT graph


Item Viewersgallery&journal

  • Fluidgrid

  • Rotator

  • Calendar

  • Table (2D)

  • RSS SyndicationFeed


Sorting OptionsEffect Viewers (above)

  • Date

  • Featured(by Weight, Descending)

  • Random(mySQL-based randomization)

Social WidgetsService Interconnectivity

  • Twitter Feed

  • Tumblr Feed

  • Youtube Feed

  • Delicious Feed

  • Soundcloud Player


ExtendMore Viewers

The addition of OrganicGallery, OrganicCalendar and Javascript Infovis Toolkit (which are now packaged with oConnectivity) can provide numerous, beautiful and informative displays of your contextualized and attributed data to your sites.

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